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Separation, Divorce and Marriage – why timing matters

Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship is a difficult time for most separated parties, however part of the separation process is often focused on “moving on”. In Australia, parties must be separated for 12 months before applying to the Federal Circuit Court for a Divorce. A Divorce Application can be made individually or jointly […]

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Company Title Conversion of Duplex to Torrens Title

Company Title Schemes are characterised by the following features. The ownership of the land and buildings is by a limited liability company. The members of the scheme are the shareholders in the company. The shareholders are given exclusive occupancy rights to their respective units by means of provisions in the company’s Articles of Association. The […]

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Cooling Off Rights – What you need to know

If you would like to buy any type of property in NSW you will have to sign a contract of sale which includes details about the specific property in addition to all the terms and conditions associated with the purchase. What is exchange of contracts? A property is considered sold at the time of exchanging […]

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What is a VOI and why do I have to do it?

As a way to reduce the risk of land title fraud and other land title irregularities, the NSW Government has introduced reforms for a new Verification Of Identity (VOI) policy. From 1 August 2016 we have been required under new conveyancing rules set out in section 12E of the Real Property Act 1900) to verify […]

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Prenuptial Agreements (or Binding Financial Agreements) and Undue Influence

A recent ruling by the High Court of Australia has highlighted potentially the end of the prenuptial agreement, or a binding financial agreement, as it is known in Australia. In the case of Thorne v Kennedy (both pseudonyms as neither party can be identified in a Family Court case), a young Eastern European woman successfully […]

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