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Divorce – the “when”, the “how” and the “why”

To many people the word “divorce” conjures a plethora of different meanings. Often we are approached by clients asking for a “divorce” but referring instead to resolving finances after separating (a “property settlement”), parenting arrangements, or both. In the legal sense divorce is much more simple: it nullifies a marriage. This is an important step […]

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Location, location, location – can one parent move away with the children?

Moving away with children after separation – what to consider first Separation can trigger financial pressure for both parties to a relationship, and with the increasing costs of living a common question for separating parents is “Can I relocate with the children?” There may be numerous reasons why it is convenient for one parent, usually […]

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Creating or updating your Will

Few things in life are certain, however all good things must come to an end. Preparing a Will is often a confronting task, something you contemplate but set aside as a task for “later on”. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to prepare for the end. It is important that everyone over the age of […]

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