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Changing Lawyers

Having excellent legal representation is essential in achieving the best outcome in your case.

If you are unsatisfied with your current lawyer, changing lawyers can offer you a different perspective on your case and help you regain confidence in your matter.  

Should I change?

If you find yourself contemplating the following, it may be time to consider new legal representation:

  • If you feel that your lawyer has failed to put your best interest first and is not strategic in their approach;
  • If you feel that your lawyer never has time for you and is simply too busy;
  • If you feel that your lawyer is not prepared to attend Court;
  • If you feel your lawyer never listens to you and has acted against your instructions;
  • If you feel your lawyer is overcharging you;
  • If you feel that your lawyer fails to update you in relation to your matter; and
  • If you feel your lawyer has not adhered to the professional rules of conduct.

How do I change lawyers?

Once you make the decision to move, changing family lawyers is a lot easier than you think and can even be done with you never having to attend your old lawyers office. You will need to sign an ‘authority’ that we will prepare that enables your file to be transferred from your old lawyer to your new lawyer and provided that there is not dispute as to fees your file will be transferred over.

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