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Cancellation of Paper Certificates of Title & 100% eConveyancing from 11 Oct 2021

The Registrar General of NSW has announced that from 11 October 2021, all paper certificates of title (CTs) will be abolished and paper dealings will no longer be acceptable for lodgement. These changes mean that all current CTs will have no legal effect and the Registrar General will no longer issue CTs for any reason – this day will be known as ‘cessation day’.

Further to this, there will be a number of additional dealings that must be lodged electronically as paper dealings will not be able to be lodged by hand. Electronic dealings can be lodged by a subscriber, typically a lawyer, licensed conveyancer or bank, to an Electronic Lodgement Network Operator such as PEXA. The full list of electronic dealings that are acceptable for lodgement can be found here.

These changes aim to remove the paper process so that all conveyancing can be dealt with electronically which is much faster than the traditional paper process – this will be known as eConveyancing.

Kydon Segal Lawyers will not be affected by this change as our firm has been practicing eConveyancing since the introduction of PEXA in 2013. We are looking forward to a smooth transition away from paper and to a fully digital process.

To find out more, visit the NSW Government website here.