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Estate Planning

An estate plan is a written expression of how you want your assets to be owned, managed and preserved during your lifetime and how you want them to be disposed of upon your death.

Estate planning is an effective tool for the most modest asset holder to the wealthiest of individuals, and everyone in between.  It is a common and cruel misconception that estate planning is important for only those with money or who are advanced in age.

Estate planning is an important tool to protect and provide for their dependents, and failure to plan or passing away prematurely leaving dependents unprotected.

The consequences of these acts of procrastination can be devastating.

By investing the time now to plan your estate and seek advice on how to eliminate or reduce the potential burden of court fees and taxes, you and your loved ones could save literally thousands of dollars.

If you do not make provision for the distribution of your estate before you die, your estate will be distributed according to an intestacy formula established by legislation. So the question is not whether you will have an estate plan, as every person does in effect have one, but whether you will have an estate plan of your own selection with people you trust in control of that plan.

We provide estate and tax planning for individuals and their families. To advance a client’s estate planning objectives, we make recommendations based on a comprehensive review of the client’s family assets and individual circumstances, together with the personal desires of our client. Our work involves the preparation of documents (for example a Will) and the establishment of structuring mechanisms (for example a Trust) that are designed to preserve the client’s wealth and to provide for their eventual disposition.