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Seniors Law

While it has not always been the case in Australia, positive ageing is now alive and well.  This is a process whereby one’s level of activity, happiness and contentment increases as they enter their senior years.

The social stigma associated with retirement has evolved and retirement has become a time to look forward to and an opportunity to do all the things that you weren’t able to do while in the workforce or raising a family.

Unfortunately, as seniors grow older, they often become increasingly vulnerable.

At Kydon Segal Lawyers we aim to increase the understanding of ageing and the specific needs of seniors, both prior to and after retirement. We believe that the key to achieving a higher level of personal contentment is through planning for the future, analysing your retirement goals and ensuring you have the right tools at your disposal to achieve those goals.

Our particular areas of expertise include:

  • Planning for retirement;
  • Advice for seniors and pensioners;
  • Superannuation advice and agreements;
  • Elder law; and

Advice on retirement village and nursing home contracts.